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Having a website and submitting it to Google used to be the sum total of a companyís online marketing strategy.... and it still is for many companies!


Today, however, with the advent of Social Media, Blogging, and with search engine results becoming ever more relevant it is essential that your business has an ongoing marketing strategy.      


Unfortuneately, most companies:

        Donít know what to do.

        Donít know how to do it.

        Havenít got the time to do it.


What We Will Do

We will write a professional Press Release or Article about your business, your main skill sets, your company news and your specialisms. We will then distribute this to highly ranked News websites, PR websites, Blogs, Discussion Forums and Social Media networks.


How We Will Do It

The Article/Press Release that we create will be targeted towards a key term, phrase, skill set. It will be written so that the search engines rank the article highly and refer to the main key phrase of the article, which will be prominently placed. It will read professionally and will advertise your business. We have put together a list of highly ranked websites, which we have researched over a long period of time and we will submit each article/press release individually and manually to each website. We will also promote your article to social media networks.



We will undertake an amount of activity on your behalf each month, on a month by month basis, to match your budget. Once complete, we will provide you with a full report of our activity. Ideally, this is an ongoing and medium to long term activity, so a monthly plan would be the best option. We understand, however, that your cash flow may sometimes dictate what you can do.



If the articles and press releases are worded correctly and targeted towards certain keywords and phrases, and includes relevant and topical information then they will be found quickly by search engines. The websites these articles are submitted to are highly ranked and distribute them on to other news websites. Each article will exist on its own unique page and will ultimately compliment your main company website and increase your website traffic and will enhance your company exposure.


We have a number of solutions that have been designed to suit all budgets, so please Contact Us for more information.

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